I am a classically trained pianist and have performed, taught, lectured and tutored countless numbers of musicians over many years. In addition to directing classical opera, oratorio and orchestras, I am equally at home when composing and directing musicals, rock operas, pop songs and bands. I’ve even been a church organist in my time!
I tutor a number of piano students – principally middle aged men and women - who, having required more time for themselves, have decided to start learning how to play the piano or pick up where they left playing in their teen years. By providing an unpretentious, friendly and relaxed environment, my students can choose the type and style of music they wish to play and work through a bespoke course designed to help them to achieve their specific aims without feeling embarrassed or patronised.
I have played a variety of quality pianos in many venues but where a suitable piano is unavailable, I use my Yamaha P90 Performance Keyboard (still widely regarded by musicians as one of the finest digital piano sounds today) powered by the Yamaha Stage PAS 300 PA System. The digitally created sounds of the acoustic or electronic pianos, church or jazz organs, are of the finest quality. It is also an instrument that can be played with great sensitivity and feel, at a volume that adds grandeur to a walk down the aisle, power and zeal to a recessional stroll, or in a gentler mood, one that creates just the right atmosphere during a meal, unobtrusively enjoyable, enabling not impeding conversation. It is easy to set up and can be moved quickly should a change of location be required.